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My family and I purchased a new Trane AC system last summer from Williams Comfort Air (for over $5,000). Within one year it failed, and WCA initially sent out a technician, diagnosed a premature coil failure, and since that time has been evasive about fixing the unit, lying multiple times about when the supposed part would come in, or ignoring my and my wife's calls multiple times (telling us to stop contacting them when we have called), or lying about the timeline for fixing the unit to most likely pacify us.

It seems as though once this company has your money, they do not want to be bothered. I do not feel as though waiting almost 3 weeks without AC is a reasonable expectation in the middle of the summer, after paying them $5,000 less than a year ago for a new system. They blame the manufacturer of the part, though upon contact of the manufacturer, I was told this was not the case. We have 2 toddlers, and while clearly there are many more terrible things in the world to be exposed to than the rigors of an Indiana summer without AC, we did not figure that spending $5,000 would net us no support, evasive customer service, and lies.

This, unfortunately, is reminiscent of my wife's initial dealing with them, as they attempted to tack on an additional set of imaginary taxes when the bill was presented to us last summer (my wife insisted to speak to the CEO, he never returned her messages, and ultimately we refused to pay the supposed taxes, and they 'magically' disappeared from the bill, which we paid in full at that time). Williams Comfort Air clearly continues to let us down, and we would choose to not ever do business with them, and now openly warn others about them, and feel as though we have simply paid thousands of dollars to be abused by a very cynical, manipulative, and unethical set of business philosophies employed by this company.

Of note, regarding their supposed one year unconditional guarantee, my wife attempted to activate this (to have the equipment removed so we can have another more reputable company sell a new system), and was told she could not do so. Williams Comfort Air has been a deceptive operation in all their business interactions with us, and we feel truly shaken by the degree to which we feel taken and unable to assess who in this business is reputable and safe to spend thousands of dollars with.

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